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My Favorite Things

There may be some overlap on this page with a couple other pages on this site, but this is a list of my most favorite things.

Family - I cherish times with my family more than I ever did growing up. I have memories of childhood and family gatherings that still make me smile to this day. We are all getting older, and it seems growing apart, yet we are keeping in touch more (thanks to Facebook) and more as time goes on.

Animals - Animals of all shapes and sizes. Do not like bugs, insects, arachnids at all. Terrified of bees, mostly wasps, but bees in general. There isn't an animal that I don't love, except for the aforemented creepy crawlies. I love naked mole rats and hairless dogs. Tigers are my most favorite animal, followed by most other cats and all dogs big and small.

Baseball - I used to follow basketball, football and hockey, but these days it is all about baseball and baseball only. No other sport exists during basbeall season and even after the World Series is over, it's all about baseball. I don't keep track of everything everday, but I keep up with what I can.

Phillies - The only team I have loved from birth without ever giving up on them. I like other teams and players on teams I dislike, but for me I will always be loyal to my baseball team.

Music - Many varieties, many styles, many artist and many songs. I was taught not to say 'everything' by a music teacher in college, because she pointed out that I can't listen to everything if I haven't heard everything. True, but I can tell you I have gone on a mission to listen to more and more styles of music -- and thanks to a Rhapsody subscription can do so on a budget.

Coca-Cola - I drink it everyday, all day. I rarely drink any other kind of soda and only if I have to drink another kind of soda. That other cola makes appearances in many restaurants that I am in, so the alternative is a lemon-lime soda or a Dr. Pepper. I know it is bad for me, but I drink it anyway. If they made a Coca-Cola flavored water I'd probably drink it, all though ice cold and bubbly is best.

Color - It may sound crazy, but I have to have every color of Crayola, every color of Sharpie, every color of color pencils, beads, paper, marker, floss, etc I can. I have something in mind for all of them when I get them, but never get to using them often enough. I love colors and always have. I am not the greatest artist in the world, but I like to draw and color whenever I can.

Fonts - Part of a good graphic design is the right font. I could search for the perfect font for days on end and never be satisfied that I found enough options.

Creating - Whether it is a craft project or a computer project, creating something makes me feel good when the job is done. When I create things I like it is hard to let go of them, but rewarding when the recipient is happy with their gift or product.

Photography - I take thousands of pictures a year, of nature, the dogs and cats, maybe a few kids every now and again, live concerts, museums, this, that and the other thing. Sometimes I go back through my photos and see photos I forgot I took. I put them on the computer and never had a chance to really sit and go through them. Thank goodness for external harddrives and cloud drives - they don't make many laptops that could keep up with me.