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Ronnie Milsap - Country Again

Ronnie Milsap's Country Again - Pure Country Gold
Ronnie Milsap
Country Again
Milsap Music Group/Bigger Picture (BGP2527815)


Ronnie Milsap Country Again
By Christine Ellis

Ronnie Milsap's new album Country Again is pure country gold. Traditional country sounds mixed with his signature sound. Lovers of traditional country music will enjoy this album. Highlights include "Trapped In An Old Country Song," "Cry Cry Darling," "Better Word For Love," and "You're The Reason I'm Living." You're transported back in time to the days when the Nashville Sound ruled the country airwaves. There are a few rollicking tunes, but they are still more country than a lot of what is played at radio today.

The title track, "Country Again," is a back to the future kind of tune where a man creates a time machine out of a pickup truck. He goes to the future and finds traditional country played on the radio while flying cars and mile-high skyscrapers replace the quaint features of a small town. If this new album from Ronnie Milsap is any indication, that's exactly where country music is headed, and it sounds wonderful.

The first single "If You Don't Want Me To (The Freeze)" is another highlight on the album. Milsap has another hit on his hands, but the album has quite a few songs that could be big hits. The single is released to radio July 18 and has an accompanying music video featuring a dance called The Freeze, inspired by the song. Country Again will be released on July 26.

~July 13, 2011, Christine Ellis