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CAE Web Designer

Hi, I'm Christine and I love being creative. I started CAE Web Designer to house my personal sites and fan sites that I created. It eventually became where I hosted or worked on sites for friends and clients. While my client list may be short, I am employed very happily by my first and favorite client, Bret Michaels, doing his web site and many other design projects. I take a few side projects every now and again, mostly helping friends that I have made in the entertainment industry.

I thought it was time to have my site again, for me and my interests, to showcase the other things I do for fun and maybe for a few extra bucks here and there. (Who doesn't like extra cash every now and again?)

This site encompasses more than just my client portfolio and my fan sites of old. I will share my favorite things, the things I like and the things I love. I will share some of my writings and links to some of my published works. I'll share my hobbies and the creations that came from them.

More Progress!

I am starting to populate the site a little at a time, more to come of course.

You can follow me on the following sites for the time being:

Tumblr -

Twitter -

I have a public feed on my personal Facebook you can subscribe to where I will share a few of my favorite links and such: